Class Tone Productions

Equipment list


Equipment List

Show me the goods!!          Below is a list of our current equipment:

1) Avid Protools HDX System with Avid's state-of-the-art audio to digital convertors and Protools software versions 10 and 11

2) 6 channels of microphone preamps from Neve, Great River and George Massenburg Labs and Universal Audio

3) Tube microphones from Bock Audio and  B.L.U.E as well as Neumann and Josephson condenser microphones for vocals and guitar recording

4) One brand new Kemper Profiling Amplifier with hundreds of amp models. The Kemper Amplifier is new technology that finally nails great guitar tone from a "box".

5) Focal near field monitors

6) One Nord Stage II Electronic Piano Action synth

7) One Roland electronic drumset

8) Tons of "tones" via computer software samplers

9) Izotope Ozone mastering software