Class Tone Productions

High End Services at Home Studio Prices



Welcome to Class Tone Productions!

Classic Tone is a small recording and mixing studio in upper Manhattan that offers big studio sound/equipment at a home studio price.
Due to advances in technology, many producers and musicians are creating great tracks at home with fairly inexpensive equipment. Although we wholly believe this is possible, it's also true that the high-end gear that we and the big studios have still carry a tone advantage over their cheaper counter-parts.

What Classic Tone offers is high-end microphones, preamps and digital convertors to the average musician at prices starting at $40/hr.


You also will be working with friendly, well-rounded musicians/producers that know how to get the best sound from this equipment (and yourself).

What can Class Tone do for me if..........

.....I'm a vocalist making a demo?

If needed, we can produce your demo from start to finish. The main thing we can accomplish for you however is to record your vocal tracks on high-end state of the art microphones and preamps without spending a lot of money.  Many people making demos go to a large facility to record and mix all their instruments and vocals. The problem is that large studios providing this service can run upwards of $150/ hour. We propose that you save money on recording your vocals while keeping the major studio quality of your current tracks.

....I have home studio and are working on songs to sell?
Often the quality of a home studio is sufficient for demo purposes. Where we can lend a hand is recording those tracks for which you wish to stand out. Perhaps you can't get the guitar sound you want or your vocal mic just isn't sounding right.

We've invested significant resources in high-end equipment for all instruments. Our GML 2032 preamp delivers one of the cleanest yet full direct bass sounds around. Our Kemper Profiling Guitar Amplifier harnesses the latest technology in guitar amp modeling (see the equipment list page for a more complete idea).

In addition  Songwriting and production are great passions of ours. Inventing and arranging parts for the various instruments in the mix as well as making it all come together are our specialty.

Please feel free to contact us about anything music.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Carl Lie
Class Tone Productions